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1st Hole

Hole 1 | Par 4

Black 419 yds | Blue 405 yds | White 364 yds | Red 337 yds

Favor the left side off the tee and on the approach to the green.  Railwood Creek runs up the right side of the hole for its full length. The perfect landing area is in the middle of the fairway about 260 yards from the bridge at the tee.


Handicap 7

Enjoy your round!


2nd Hole

Hole 2 | Par 5

Black 544 yds | Blue 522 yds | White 478 yds | Red 414 yds

The elevated tees play downhill about 40' to a narrow landing area between the woods on the right and Railwood Creek on the left.  A short drive down the right will kick down the hill to the fairway.


Handicap 3

Finish high and watch it fly!


3rd Hole

Hole 3 | Par 4

Black 374 yds | Blue 347 yds | White 312 yds | Red 284 yds

Long hitters should favor the right side.  A tee shot slightly right of center offers the best angle for your approach.  Long left will find Nieman's Creek.  A good tee shot will offer a short iron approach.


Handicap 9

A good time to hit your power fade!


4th Hole

Hole 4 | Par 4

Black 424 yds | Blue 403 yds | White 371 yds | Red 341 yds


If you can hit it long and straight, this is the place to do it.  Niemans Creek is on the left all the way but the left side of the fairway is the best side to approach the green.  This is the most difficult Par 4 at Railwood.


Handicap 5

Sometimes a Bogey is a a good score!


5th Hole

Hole 5 | Par 3
Black 190 yds | Blue 152 yds | White 140 yds | Red 124 yds


Here's your chance for a birdie, but beware of the bunkers left and right.  Also, the wind is tricky at the 5th because of the bluff and the prevailing breeze coming over the bluff from the south.


Handicap 17


A quiet head means solid iron shots!


6th Hole

Hole 6 | Par 4
Black 350 yds | Blue 324 yds | White 287 yds | Red 252 yds


Here's another good chance for a birdie, but the 6th fairway is bunkered right and left and the green is also protected by bunkers on either side.


Handicap 11


Grip the club as if you are holding a small bird!


7th Hole

Hole 7 | Par 4
Black 309 yds | Blue 280 yds | White 246 yds | Red 221yds


Welcome to Railwood Beach.  If you like to try to drive Par 4's, now is your best chance.  The green at the 7th is crowned and plays much smaller than it looks.  It will not hold a poorly hit approach.


Handicap 13


Rhythm and timing overcome brute strength in golf!


8th Hole

Hole 8 | Par 5
Black 518 yds | Blue 498 yds | White 451 yds | Red 375 yds


Because this uphill Par 5 has a lot of trouble to the right and the large hill on the left, it is the lowest handicap hole.  The green hides behind the large hill and it is difficult to get the ball to come off the hill if you miss to the left.


Handicap 1


Discretion is often the better part of valor in golf!

9th Hole

Hole 9 | Par 3
Black 194 yds | Blue 171 yds | White 139 yds | Red 114 yds


The downhill 9th hole drops in elevation about 50 feet from the Black tee and about 35 feet from the Red tee to the green. The approach slope to the green is steep and will direct a short shot back into Railwood Creek.


Handicap 15


Take Dead Aim and Don't Think About the Trouble !

10th Hole

Hole 10 | Par 5
Black 522 yds | Blue 505 yds | White 460 yds | Red 401 yds


The best tee shot favors the right side of the fairway. Railwood Creek comes into play for the long left drive. A good drive offers the opportunity to go for the green on the second shot. A layup should also be played to the right side of the fairway for the best approach.


Handicap 2


Enjoy your Round !


11th Hole

Hole 11 | Par 3
Black 203 yds | Blue 183 yds | White 145 yds | Red 110 yds


This downhill Par 3 requires good direction and distance control. A well stuck approach shot will offer an easy birdie putt on this relatively flat green. Bailing out to the left leaves a difficult, but dry pitch or chip for those afraid of water.


Handicap 16


Positive Thinking Requires the Use of a New Ball !


12th Hole

Hole 12 | Par 4
Black 361 yds | Blue 343 yds | White 303 yds | Red 267 yds


This sharp dogleg left will find out how greedy you are. The percentage play is to the right of the large tree in the fairway. Many will try to cut the corner and shorten this already short hole, but be forewarned. Approach shots are very challenging to the elevated green from almost any direction.


Handicap 10


If You Can Control Your Draw, This is Your Hole !

13th Hole

Hole 13 | Par 4
Black 369 yds | Blue 355 yds | White 311 yds | Red 253 yds


Pay attention on this short dogleg left. The great view can be distracting. The only good drive here is a straight one in the fairway. Likewise, the green is large and will receive your shot well, but if you miss the green left or right, you will have an adventure on your next shot.


Handicap 12


Keep Your Head Down and Pay Attention to Business !

14th Hole

Hole 14 | Par 3
Black 187 yds | Blue 175 yds | White 140 yds | Red 126 yds


How can we politely say this? Don't be short. Don't be long. Don't veer more than a little to the right. This Par 3 will not seem like the highest handicap hole on the golf course unless you knock your tee shot on the green and forego all the adventures that await the rest of us.


Handicap 18


Swing the Clubhead Through the Ball !

15th Hole

Hole 15 | Par 4
Black 388 yds | Blue 372 yds | White 324 yds | Red 283 yds


Hole is wider than it appears, and balls will come off the hill on the right most of the time. If you can go left mark your trail so your playing partners can find you after five minutes. Your second shot will be uphill and a little blind to a green that is as deep as it is wide.


Handicap 8


You Can Speak to a Cut Shot, But a Hook Will Not Listen !


16th Hole

Hole 16 | Par 5
Black 536 yds | Blue 504 yds | White 459 yds | Red 407 yds


This downhill Par 5 offers the best opportunity for a birdie on the back nine.  With an elevation change of almost 100 feet, the 16th will play about 30 to 50 yards shorter than the actual measurement.  Look out for the OB on the right and close behind the green.


Handicap 4


If ever there was a place to swing from your heels, this is it!


17th Hole

Hole 17 | Par 4
Black 375 yds | Blue 327 yds | White 314 yds | Red 260 yds


What comes down must go up and you have arrived at the up hole.  It is not as difficult as it appears, so long as you don't try to overpower the hill.  Conservative play to the fairway will leave the uphill second shot to the shallow green


Handicap 14


If you want to be King of the Hill, Patience is Required!

18th Hole

Hole 18 | Par 4
Black 401 yds | Blue 378 yds | White 337 yds | Red 286 yds


The tee shot on this dogleg right hole plays downhill about 70 feet to the fairway. From the landing area, the green sits about 30 feet lower. If ever there was a position hold off the tee, this is the one. The second shot generally plays a little longer than it appears.


Handicap 6


Another Confidence Building New Ball Hole !

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